PharmaTechnica 2023 Videos

Following you will find various videos on topics that will also be discussed at the PharmaCongress as well as videos from the exhibitors at the PharmaTechnica 2023. The exhibitors' video presentations from the past PharmaTechnica were watched by more than 800 attendees - so you may want to take a look at the PharmaTechnica 2022 videos as well.

The New Dimension in Derouging
Dr Elena Kolomiets & Dr Jolanta Kurz, Borer

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant but not corrosion proof. Stainless steel corrosion, so called rouge, is a common industry problem that occurs from the equipment exposure to highly aggressive environments such as purified-water or -steam systems, corrosive products or high-temperature stress. From a GMP point of view, rouge is not acceptable in direct-contact pharmaceutical systems, because it does not comply with the basic standard of "visually clean". What matters even more, starting from isolated spots, rouge can spread over the entire equipment and also contaminate the final product.
deconex® DEROUGE System 2.0 is an innovative, pH-neutral and environment-friendly solution for the removal of rouge. Its improved mode of action makes it possible to work in a cost-effective and ecological way.

Sharing experience: Discussion about possibilities and pitfalls in inspection with operators and with machines
Miha Možina, Sensum

ATMP Cell&Gene manufacturing: complying with New Guidelines and ensuring a consistent Isolator Bio-Decontamination - a sneak-peak into state-of-the-art solutions
Martin Glättli, Subject Matter Expert Aseptic Solutions, ProSys
Milind Rokade, Subject Matter Expert H2O2 Development and Validation, ProSys

  • Drivers for Annex 1 in ATMP manufacturing
  • Drivers for Contamination Control Strategy
  • Key factors for a robust decontamination cycle
  • Case study
  • Validation of surface decontamination

Try before you Buy: Simulation for Cell and Gene Therapy Facilities
Nicolas Bahler, CRB

Biological Indicators for Decontamination by Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide
Kurt McCauley, Demand Generation Manager, Mesa Laboratories

Lack of standards around VH202 decontamination leaving you confused? Take away the uncertainty of VH202 decontamination by learning about biological indicators used for validation in our latest video. We review the benefits & challenges you may face and characteristics you should search for in a biological indicator.

Automated Visual Inspection: Inline Inspection for Pharmaceutical Filling/Closing Processes of Vials
Florian Krickl, Product Manager, Vitronic

  • Overview of the faults/defects that occur in the filling/closing process and can be detected
  • Why to implement inline inspection and what are the advantages?
  • Flexibility in the inspection of primary packaging: vials, cartridges, syringes
  • Presentation of innovative technologies and outlook on new innovations

Contamination Control Strategy - Inspector´s View on an Overarching Strategy
Dr Rainer Gnibl, GMP Inspector for EMA and local Government, Germany

  • Requirements
  • Expectations & Interpretations

Visions for Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying
Chris Proud, GEA Lyophil

  • Sustainable Air/CO2 Cooling for Freeze Dryers
  • Loading and Unloading of Freeze Dryers with Robot technology
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Atmospheric Spray freeze drying
  • Microwave assisted Freeze Drying

Industry 4.0 meets Inspection Readiness
Frank Studt, Managing Director, gempex

  • Introduction and Purpose of Presentation
  • Industry 4.0 Inspection Readiness
  • Summary “Why and How?”   

The market’s first premium separator for single-use biopharmaceutical processing – ready for GMP production
Doug Osman, Director for Life Sciences, Alfa Laval
Mikaela Sifvert, Global Launch Manager, Alfa Laval
Peter Thorwid, Concept Development Manager, Alfa Laval

With the new Alfa Laval CultureOne, all of our unique innovations for gentle treatment and increased yield are now available in a solution for single-use biopharma processing. CultureOne brings maximum separation efficiency while creating new possibilities for processing cell-culture-based fermentations. CultureOne – proven performance and ready for GMP production.

Protecting single-use bags in an automated GMP-compliant liquid transfer process
Mr Johannes Kirchmair, Single Use Support

  • (Dis-) advantages of single-use bags in biopharmaceutical application
  • How to reduce product loss through breakages in cold chain management
  • Improved documentation of parameters with automated aseptic filling
  • Why plate-based freezing of drug substances is recommended