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Some exhibitors of the PharmaTechnica this year had prepared video presentations - watched by more than 800 attendees from the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, as an exhibitor at the PharmaTechnica 2023, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to produce and provide your video - at no additional costs for you.

Following you will find more information on the videos available so far - just open any of the two a subject areas below. To play and watch these video presentations, please see the video presentations site.

Important: Your video must be more than merely a product presentation. Show new products or a new service, and present GMP-compliant implementation examples - that is the focus at PharmaCongress! The presentation of Belimed was particularly successful this year. By far the most clicked presentation.

Aseptic/Sterile Manufacturing


Robotics & Disposable, Keep up with trends
Zaim Gashi, Steriline

Freeze Drying

Visions for Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying
Christopher Proud, GEA Lyophil

Dry Heat Sterilization

Answering the latest Annex 1 Requirements for Dry Heat Sterilization using CFD-Simulations
Michael Chudoba, Bausch + Ströbel

Cleaning Processes

Optimised Cleaning Processes with Augmented Reality
Jochen Schlag, Belimed Life Science

Decontamination of Pre-Sterilized Vials

Investigating Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) – A appropriate process to decontaminate pre-sterilized vials
Markus Heinz, Syntegon
Michele Guasti, Stevanato Group

Inspection Systems/Visual Inspection

Multi-purpose inspection of liquid drugs – Challenging flexibility and technical development
Florian Spribille, pixon engineering AG

Automated Optical Inspection Solutions for Pharmaceutical Production
René Purwin, Optonic

ATMP Cell & Gene Manufacturing

Transfer of ATMP Cell & Gene manufacturing into closed processing and how to validate 6-log decontamination
Martin Glättli, SME aseptic processing solutions
Milind Rokade, SME decontamination process validation

Reducing energy consumption and operation costs

Smart Clean Room: Implementation of the SMARTCR in an aseptic processing facility
Ana Fernandez, Telstar

To play and watch any of these videos free of charge, please see the video presentations site.

OSD Manufacturing


Containment in Pharma OSD Production
Michael Maintok, Glatt

Visual Inspection of Tablets and Capsules

The causes of defective tablets & capsules in pharmaceutical production?
Dr. Miha Možina, Sensum

To play and watch any of these videos free of charge, please see the video presentations site.