PharmaTechnica: Virtual exhibition plus 3 FDA/GMP conferences - free of charge for visitors

Staff, professionals and managers in the pharmaceutical industry have the opportunity to attend 3 FDA/GMP conferences on the occasion of the virtual PharmaTechnica. The following conferences are offered:

  • European Aseptic Conference
  • European CleanRoom Conference
  • European Conference: Quality & Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Production

With 3.400 attendees, PharmaTechnica far exceeded our expectations. We also received many requests to make the presentations available as recordings, as not everyone was able to attend all the presentations that were of interest. Therefore, we asked the speakers for permission and most speakers agreed to organize an additional PharmaTechnica day!

On May 6, we will reopen PharmaTechnica. You will then have 24 hours to view the presentations you wish to attend. You are flexible and can decide for yourself when to visit the exhibition and the presentation recordings on May 6.

Here you can register for the conferences and the exhibition:

European Aseptic Conference

Latest Developments in Aseptic Processing and Technology

Programm Aseptic Confernce 2021

Programm Download


CleanRooms in Life Science

Latest Developments in Cleanrooms and their Ongoing Operation

CleanRooms in Life Science 2021

Programm Download


Quality & Efficiency in Pharma Manufacturing

Latest Developments in Pharmaceutical Production

Quality & Efficiency in Pharma Manufacturing 2021

Programm Download